Launch your new website, online store, custom CRM system, or a web application in just a few weeks!

Building projects in weekly cycles creates transparency. You can get exactly the tools you need for your business and have them developed exclusively, yielding results every week. Start small, go fast, be efficient!

Don't pay for time, pay for results

Hourly pricing model in software development is holding many projects back. Instead, it's more reasonable and liberating to split the development process in weekly cycles to get the most important and difficult things done fast. Because time doesn't solve problems, but the efficient and unrestricted work does.

Exclusive solutions tailored to your needs

Some approach can be perfect for one business and be absolutely inefficient for another. Some projects can run on outdated, pre-built systems and stay mediocre, but some need a lot of exclusive functionality to achieve much better results. Just get a custom solution built specifically for your business and its needs and goals. After all, it's more efficient, secure, and saves you time and money.

Modular, flexible, and transparent development

To get business going in a short amount of time, you need to ship your project's functionality fast. Why try building the next Amazon straight away, when you just need to launch a small store, simply providing better services and functionality than your competitors? Let's get your business going in a matter of few weeks, starting small and adding more functionality with time, exactly when it's needed!

It sounds good, but how much does it cost?

The cost of development depends only on the complexity of the tasks and the amount of time it will require to complete them. Let's say that you only need a simple landing page website for your marketing campaigns. It would be built in 1-2 weeks, in most cases, while a basic e-commerce solution has more complex functionality and will require 3 or more weeks to be built from scratch, therefore it will also cost more.

Services and prices

  • Landing page website starting at $750 / week
  • Portfolio website starting at $850 / week
  • Company website starting at $1000 / week
  • Custom CRM development starting at $2000 / week
  • E-commerce website development starting at $1500 / week
  • Custom web app development starting at $2500 / week
Web developer Oleg Knyazev
Oleg Knyazev | Software Engineer

Let an experienced professional do the work

Don't stress the details of software development when you can delegate that work to a software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in website and web application development. He will handle the whole process from idea to implementation. Tell him what you need to build, and he will come up with an efficient way to solve your problem with the power of modern web technology.

Performance by design, usability at the core

Every website and web app should work fast and help users to get to the information they're looking for as easily and as soon as possible. Your project will be built with performance and security in mind, relying on the powerful technologies of Laravel, Vue, and Tailwind CSS frameworks. It'll work like a charm whether your users interact with it from a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Examples of work

Full Pockets web application (SaaS)

Full Pockets web application (SaaS)

Single-page application (SPA) design and development. A subscription-based online system for managing purchases and personal expenses. It offers functionality for detailed purchase history management and analytics.

Website for a career consultant Polina Usova

Website for a career consultant Polina Usova

Website design and development for a career consultant and psychologist Polina Usova. It's built with a custom block-based page constructor and runs a self-hosted, custom CMS/CRM system to manage both website content and online sales, steadily growing into an online teaching platform.

Online store for HH Wear

Online store and custom CRM for HH Wear clothing brand

Creation of an online store with a custom CRM to manage both retail and wholesale orders for Moscow-based streetwear clothing brand HH Wear. The system helps to automate most of the routine tasks of store management and offers a user-friendly website design, making purchasing experience a breeze, regardless of the device it's being used with.

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